Yvonne Shaffer - Artist

Artist Statement


My art is a journey.  Making art became a source of entertainment for my small son and a calming and therapeutic activity for me. As we moved from crayons to other mediums, I found myself making more and more elaborate paintings using my son's watercolor paints and his colored pencils and markers,and finally purchasing my very own art supplies to follow what had become a passion. My art has grown out of that beginning and continues to develop and evolve as artistic inspiration leads me, portraying representational glimpses of the world I see around me, and abstract glimpses of the world I see from my soul. Inspiration leads me, therefore, my art is not consistant or stylized.  I see something in my head and I paint it, keeping a spirit of playfulness and curiosity, always experimenting with technique, to convey what is in my head onto the canvas.  How I go about painting on any given day and what I paint is based entirely on what strikes me at the time.  One day I am inspired to paint from something beautiful in front of me.  And another day, I am inspired by just a whirl of color, light and shapes taking form in my mind. My art changes, and grows, meandering from here to there, and I follow where it leads me. This journey is so much fun! 


My art also led me to set design for the theater, beginning with painting a few prop pieces, then a few set pieces, and finally evolving to designing full sets.  I love theater and think of the stage as a very large canvas.  It is just another way to make art and express what is inside me. 





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